Wouldn’t you like to enjoy delicious, tender lamb reared on our farm accompanied by a bounty of fresh, seasonal vegetables?

Eastvale Farm supplies local family, friends and the community with a wide range of home-grown meat products, treats, pantry staples and seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Lambs are born and raised on the farm and are only selected for slaughter once they have reached the adequate weight. This can take up to 12 months. Our sheep are fed a diet of mainly grass (rye and oats) and are fed concentrate in the winter or to the ewes during lambing to supplement their diet.

Enjoy your meat and vegetables in their most natural form… the way it should be.

At Eastvale Farm we grow a variety of vegetables which are available in weekly veg boxes. All vegetables are grown without the use of chemicals and pesticides where possible. We allow the veg, like the lamb, to grow at its own pace.

To ensure you receive top quality produce all year round, we source from local growers too. Some well-known growers include Dargle Valley Pork, ZuluWaters Venison, Bannatune’s Free Range and several others.

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